The Lindsays

Fanfrolico Press

Fanfrolico Press was a small publishing company set up in London by Jack Lindsay. It got its name from a book by Norman Lindsay. The press used special papers and exceptional bindings. It printed:

Year Title Author Notes Copies
1925 Lysistrata Aristophanes Translated by Jack Lindsay, illustrated by Norman Lindsay, Sydney edition 136 numbered and signed copies
1926 The Passionate Neatherd Jack Lindsay Verse 75 numbered copies
1926 Lysistrata Aristophanes Translated by Jack Lindsay, illustrated by Norman Lindsay, London edition 425 copies for England, 300 overseas copies
1927 Earth Visitors Kenneth Slessor Modified reprint of an earlier Australian edition 425 numbered copies
1927 Marino Faliero Jack Lindsay Drama, a verse-play. 450 copies
1927 Robert Eyres Landor, Selections Robert Eyres Landor Edited by Eric H. Partridge. Later issued in two volumes. 155 copies
1927 The Complete Works Gaius Petronius Translated by Jack Lindsay 650 numbered and signed copies
1927 William Blake: Creative Will and the Poetic Image Jack Lindsay Decorated by Norman Lindsay 500 copies
1927 Propertius In Love Translated by Jack Lindsay, illustrated by Norman Lindsay 60 signed copies
1927 Metamorphosis of Ajax John Harrington Edited by Jack Lindsay with Peter Warlock (Philip Heseltine) 25 signed copies in vellum, 425 other copies
1927 Delighted Earth Robin (Robert) Herrick Foreword by Peter Meadows (Jack Lindsay) 25 signed copies on Japan vellum, 550 other copies
1927 Loving Mad Tom: Bedlamite Verse of the XVI and XVII Centuries Various Edited by Jack Lindsay, foreword by Robert Graves, musical transcriptions by Peter Warlock, illustrations by Norman Lindsay 375 copies
1928 Helen Comes Of Age: Three Original Plays In Verse Jack Lindsay Dustjacket with a vignette by Norman Lindsay 500 signed copies 344
1928 Parlement of Prattlers John Eliot Edited by Jack Lindsay, illustrated by Hal Collins 75 artist-signed copies on hand-made paper, 625 other copies
1928 Homage To Sappho Sappho Translated by Jack Lindsay, illustrated by Norman Lindsay 70 signed copies
1928 Satyrs and Sunlight: The Collected Poetry of Hugh McCrae Hugh McCrae Edited by Jack Lindsay, illustrated by Norman Lindsay 550 copies
1928 Inspiration Various "An anthology of utterances by Creative Minds defining the creative act and its lyrical basis in life". Edited by Jack Lindsay, illustrated, and with a few decorations, by Norman Lindsay 725 copies 29
1928 Hyperborea, Two Fantastic Time Travel Essays Written and Decorated by Norman Lindsay Norman Lindsay Decorated by Norman Lindsay 725 numbered copies
1928 The London Aphrodite, A Miscellany of Poems, Stories and Essays, by Various Hands, Eminent and Rebellious Various Illustrated by Norman Lindsay and others. Issued in wrappers as 6 parts, the six numbers bound in blue buckram as one volume. 3,500 of the parts printed, 1,500 bound copies Y
1928 Fanfrolicana Various Edited by Jack Lindsay. A bibliography with specimen pages and illustrations from Fanfrolico Books. 500 numbered copies
1928 The Complete Works of Thomas Lovell Beddoes Thomas Lovell Beddoes Introductory memoir by Sir Edmund Gosse. 75 copies on hand-made paper, one volume in full goatskin, 725 copies on Dutch mould-made paper
1928 Dionysos; or Nietzsche Contra Nietzsche: An Essay in Lyrical Philosophy by Jack Lindsay Jack Lindsay Sundry illustrations, including some by Norman Lindsay. 500 signed copies
1928 The Antichrist of Nietzsche Nietzsche Translated with an introduction by P.R. Stephenson. Illustrations by Norman Lindsay, including The Crucified Venus. 25 copies on Japanese vellum, signed by artist, 550 numbered copies on Arnold's hand-made paper 98
1928 The Tunning of Eleanor Rumming John Skelton Illustrated by Pearl Binder. Bound in burlap. 550 copies
1929 Homer's Hymns To Aphrodite Homer Translated by Jack Lindsay. Illustrated. 500 numbered copies 326
1929 Manfred: A Tragedy by Lord Byron Lord Byron Illustrated by Frederick Carter, A.R.E. 30 copies on Japanese vellum, bound in vellum, artist-signed, and 550 numbered copies
1929 The Passionate Neatherd: A Lyrical Sequence by Jack Lindsay Jack Lindsay Re-issue of the earlier Fanfrolico Press book. Two decorations by Norman Lindsay. 50 numbered signed copies on Japanese vellum, 2000 trade copies
1929 Madam Life's Lovers, A Human narrative Embodying a Philosophy of the Artist in Dialogue Form Norman Lindsay Re-issue of the earlier Fanfrolico Press book. Two decorations by Norman Lindsay. not known Y
1929 William Blake: Creative Will and the Poetic Image Jack Lindsay Re-issue of the earlier Fanfrolico Press book without the Norman Lindsay decoration. Revised with an extra chapter and notes. Taller than the original. not known
1929 Hereward, a Verse play by Jack Lindsay Jack Lindsay Music by John Gough. not known Y
1929 Women in Parliament Aristophanes Translated by Jack Lindsay. Foreword by Edgell Rickword. Illustrations by Norman Lindsay. American pirate editions abound. 500 copies
1929 The Complete Poems of Theocritus Theocritus Illustrated by Lionel Ellis. American pirate editions abound. 30 artist and translator signed copies, 500 numbered copies 20
1929 The Complete Works of Cyril Tourneur Cyril Tourneur Decorated by Frederick Carter, A.R.E. 750 numbered copies
1930 Mimiambs of Herondas Herondas Translated by Jack Lindsay. Foreword by Brian Penton. Illustrated by Alan Odle. First book actually printed by the Fanfrolico Press. 375 copies 188
1930 The Complete Poetry of Gaius Catullus Gaius Catullus Translated by Jack Lindsay. With a 60,000 word essay by Jack Lindsay. 325 JL-signed copies
1930 Festival Preludes, A Book of Poems by Gordon Bottomley Gordon Bottomley 110 copies
1930 Morgan in Jamaica Philip Lindsay Two drawings by Jack Lindsay. 450 author-signed copies
1930 Fleas in Amber, a Miscellany Various Jack Lindsay was contributor and editor. 250 copies
1930 A Defense of Women for Their Inconstancy and Their Painting Jack Donne Illustrated by Norman Lindsay. 370 copies
1930 Guenevere, Two Poems by William Morris from the Defence of Guenevere 1858 William Morris Illustrated with drawings by Dante Gabriel Rossetti. Foreword by Gordon Bottomley. 450 copies
1930 Patchwork Quilt: Poems by Decimus Ausonius Decimus Ausonius Translated by Jack Lindsay. 400 copies
1930 Letters of Philip Stanhope, 2nd Earl of Chesterfield Philip Stanhope Preface entitled "A Defense of Barbara Villiers" by Elza de Locra. Decorations by Jeanne Bellon. 480 copies
1930 Older Than Earth, Record of a Lyrical Experience, by Elza de Locre (Craig) Elza de Locre Jack Lindsay edited the book, and was inspiration for it. 175 copies
1930 A Retrospect of the Fanfrolico Press Jack Lindsay "With a List of Fanfrolico Press Books of which the Limited Editions are offered at substantial reductions." Printed by the Remainder Department, Simpkin Marshall Limited.
1930 Sulpicia's Garland: Roman Poems Various Translated by Jack Lindsay. Lindsay sold some of his translations to Eric H. Partridge who evidently sold them to the United States; there is no English publication of this very scarce edition.
1930 Poetical Sketches of William Blake William Blake Introduction by Jack Lindsay. Edited by Eric H. Partridge. Book might be apocryphal.