The Lindsays

I read the Magic Pudding when I was very young, and I loved that book. In the 1970s, I discovered the Norman Lindsay novels, like A Curate In Bohemia, Redheap, Dust And Polish, The Cousin From Fiji. In 1972, ABC TV put to air adaptations of five of the novels, and I was enthralled by those shows. I remember that Phillip Adams played a character in one of the adaptations, but can no find no confirmation of this. I also discovered the early art work of Norman Lindsay and started collecting the art books. In the 1990s, I discovered Jack Lindsay's children's novels.

I have visited art galleries in Victoria and New South Wales and seen Norman Lindsay's paintings up close and in the large. I have visited the Springfield Museum and Gallery several times.

My interest in Norman Lindsay and his family has grown over the years. I continue to collect his work. I have all the Odana Press editions of his work, and am incredibly grateful that they have published such beautiful books on his art.

These pages are a way for me to catalogue what books I have and what I am missing. They are my collecting guide. I hope they prove useful to others too.