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Norman Lindsay

I'm primarily interested in Norman Lindsay's books, and books about Norman Lindsay, and books showing his works.

For the best new books on Norman Lindsay's works, see the web site for Odana Editions and Bloomfield Galleries. I've bought most of the books that they've published about Norman Lindsay, and I have never been happier with any books. The editions are superb, and the quality is unsurpassed. And their online service is great. It's a pleasure to deal with them.

And let's not forget about the Norman Lindsay Gallery and Museum at Springwood.

Bud Plant has a biography of Norman Lindsay, and always has Norman Lindsay books for sale, even when they're out of stock in Australia.

However, I have found it hard to find good lists of the novels that Lindsay wrote, and lists of the books written about him and his work. So I am going to attempt to compile my own lists for my own purposes. If they help anyone else, that will be a bonus. This is the first rough cut, and just lists what I have. I'll expand it a bit later to include publishers and editions and more detailed notes, and scans of the covers of the more impressive books.



Year Title Description
1913 A Curate In Bohemia A new curate meets up with old friends, and is turned from the path. Y
1929 Madam Life's Lovers "A novel in dialogue form". Fanfrolico Press. Y
1930 Redheap (aka "Every Mother's Son" in USA) Robert Piper comes of age in a small Victorian country town. Loosely based on the Lindsay family scandals, and it caused a family rift. Y
1932 The Cautious Amorist A shipwreck, and there's one woman and three men on a small island. This one often ends up in small collections of erotic novels. Y
1932 Miracles By Arrangement (aka Mr Gresham and Olympus) Got it, but haven't read it yet. Y
1933 Saturdee Adventures of Peter Gimble, younger brother of Bill Gimble who takes the lead role in Halfway To Anywhere. Growing up in a small Victorian country town. Set in Redheap. Y
1933 Pan In The Parlour Got it, but haven't read it yet. Y
1938 Age Of Consent Artist, Bradley Mudgett, moves to a small island to paint and meets his new model, Cora. Y
1945 Cousin From Fiji Cecilia Domkin returns to Ballarat from Fiji, with her daughter Ella. Cecilia survives her family, and finds a new husband. Y
1947 Halfway to Anywhere This is the sequel to Saturdee, concentrating on Peter Gimble's brother, Bill, and adolescence. Set in Redheap. Some of the incidental characters turn up in the much earlier book Redheap. Y
1950 Dust Or Polish? Showgirl Rita takes over her landlady's second hand store, turns it into an antique shop, and then takes it over completely after the landlady's death. Y
1968 Rooms And Houses Autobiographical novel, based on Norman Lindsay's early days in Melbourne. N
1979 Micomicana Book of short, bawdy tales written and illustrated by Norman Lindsay over a number of years, but finally printed after his death. N
[The Cautious
  Amorist cover by Norman Lindsay]


Year Title Description
1928 Hyperborea: Two Fantastic Travel Essays Reprint of two essays which appeared in Vision. Fanfrolico Press. Y
1965 Bohemians of the Bulletin Norman Lindsay's reminiscences of his time at the Bulletin. Y
1966 Scribblings Of An Idle Mind From the back cover "These scribblings are a blend of unpedagogic scholarship, personal observations, and poetic logic." Y
1970 My Mask Norman Lindsay's autobiography. Y

Children's Books

Year Title Description
1918 The Magic Pudding The prime Australian children's book. Bunyip Bluegum meets the puddin' owners and Albert the Magic Pudding, and has adventures. Y
1936 The Flyaway Highway Two children meet a Pan character (Silvander Dan), travel the Flyaway Highway and have adventures. Y
[The Magic
  Pudding cover by Norman Lindsay]

Books Containing Norman Lindsay's Illustrations

Year Title Author
1917 Songs of a Campaign Leon Gellert Y
1921 Collected Verse A.B. (Banjo) Patterson (illustrations and paintings by Norman Lindsay and Lionel Lindsay) Y
1923 The Inns Of Greece and Rome Pascal Covici Y
1923 Vision: A Literary Quarterly (August 1923) The Vision Press. Contains Normal Lindsay cover design, many decorations and tail-piece. Contains a small Norman Lindsay etching "Tom o' Bedlam". Contains an extract from Hyperborea. Also contains two poems and a small play on Marlowe's death by Jack Lindsay. Y
1928 The Antichrist of Nietzsche Nietzsche (Fanfrolico Press) Y
1932 The Complete Works of Petronius Petronius, translated by Jack Lindsay, USA pirate edition Y
1933 The Animals That Noah Forgot A.B. (Banjo) Patterson Y
1952 The Letters Of Rachel Henning Rachel Henning (40 pen drawings by Norman Lindsay) Y
1975 Norman Lindsay's Cats Introduced by Douglas Stewart, with an additional remembrance by Norman Lindsay. Sketches and drawings of cats. Y
1976 The Other Side of the Coin: A Cartoon History of Australia By Jonathan King. Contains some early Bulletin cartoons of Lindsay's. Y
1976 Tales From The Heptameron of Marguerite of Navarre Contains 28 pen drawings of Normal Lindsay. Published by Melbourne University Press in a limited edition of 1000 (my copy is number 361). Contains a signed introduction by A.D. Hope. Y
1978 Norman Lindsay's Bears Selected and commented by Keith Wingrove. Sketches and drawings of koalas. Y
1980 The Bulletin: Clotted Rot for Clots and Rotters Various Y
1983 Norman Lindsay War Cartoons 1914-1918 Edited and with a commentary by Peter Fullerton Y
1987 The Comic Art of Norman Lindsay Selected by Keith Wingrove Y
? Lysistrata Aristophanes, USA pirate edition Y
? The Australian Soldiers Gift Book Various (one illustration The Call To Arms by Norman Lindsay) Y

Art Books

Year Title Contribution
1931 New South Wales Art Gallery Pictures Contains one pen drawing by Norman Lindsay: The Embarkation. Y
1966 Norman Lindsay's Ship Models Preface and Commentary by Norman Lindsay, photographs by Quinton F. Davis. Y
1969 Norman Lindsay Watercolours Nineteen reproductions in colour from original watercolours with an appreciation of the medium by Norman Lindsay and a survey of the artist's life and work by Godfrey Blunden. Y
1973 Olympus At Springwood: The Sculpture of Norman Lindsay Etchings and Woodcuts Written by Eric B. Rowlison. Small 12 page, paper booklet, with black and white photos of sculpture and ship models, and two pages of colour photographs. Includes of chronology of Norman Lindsay. Y
1976 Siren and Satyr: The Personal Philosophy of Norman Lindsay Introduced by A.D. Hope. Contains sketches, drawings, photos of sculptures, watercolour and oil reproductions. Small sampler of Lindsay's works. Y
1984 Norman Lindsay: Impulse To Draw Lin Bloomfield. I have the paperback edition by Odana Editions, published 1994. Y
1979 The World of Norman Lindsay Various authors. Edited by Lin Bloomfield. I have the paperback edition by Odana Editions, published 1995. Y
1996 The Collection at Springwood Booklet published by the National Trust of Australia (NSW) about the collection housed at the Norman Lindsay Gallery and Museum at Springwood. 28 page stiff paper booklet. First published 1975. Various authors contributed to the text. Many colour photos of Springwood, sculpture and ship models, and many reproductions of paintings and etchings and drawings. Y
1998 The Complete Etchings of Norman Lindsay (Standard Edition) Written and edited by Lin Bloomfield, foreword by Jane Lindsay. A very high quality Odana Editions book containing a 100,000 word analysis of the etchings, and reproductions of all the etchings. A stunning book. Only 2,000 copies of the standard edition were published. YY
1998 The Complete Etchings of Norman Lindsay (Deluxe Edition) Written and edited by Lin Bloomfield, foreword by Jane Lindsay. Same contents as the standard edition. Numbered and signed. Bonded leather bound, foil blocked, hardcover, bonded leather slipcase. Even more superb than the standard edition. Only 550 copies of the deluxe edition were published. N
1999 The Complete Etchings of Norman Lindsay Catalogue Raisonne Written and edited by Lin Bloomfield, foreword by Jane Lindsay. A very high quality Odana Editions book. All the etchings of the previous book, but with a severely reduced commentary. N
2001 Artful Cats Introduced by Meg Stewart. This is the definitive book on Norman Lindsay's cats. Contains Lindsay's sketches and fragments of cat drawings, plus photographs of the cats and locations. Another fine Odana Press edition. Y
2003 Norman Lindsay: Watercolours 1897-1969 (Standard Edition) Written by Lin Bloomfield. Contains an essay by Norman Lindsay. Another very high quality Odana Editions book, containing details and reproductions of Norman Lindsay's watercolour paintings. Only 550 copies published. Y
2003 Norman Lindsay: Watercolours 1897-1969 (Deluxe Edition) Written by Lin Bloomfield. Same contents as the standard edition, but includes a photograph of the watercolour The Presentation. Signed and numbered, bonded leather, foil blocked, hardcover, bonded leather slipcase. Stunning book. All the Odana books are just stunning and highly collectible. Only 550 copies were published. Y
[Norman Lindsay's
  Ship Models cover] [Norman Lindsay oil painting]

Catalogues and Snippets

Year Title Description
1987 Norman Lindsay: Pen Drawings 1890-1965 For an exhibition in 1987. Edited by Lin Bloomfield, text by Helen Glad. Many large examples of the pen drawings. Y
1988 Norman Lindsay: Masterpieces from the University of Melbourne Art Collection Tri-fold stiff paper brochure for the exhibition. Good text, 3 large colour reproductions of paintings of Homage to Venus, Don Juan and Crete. Y
1988 Sir Lionel Lindsay 1874-1961 Exhibition of Rare and Important Etchings and Woodcuts Trevor Bussell Fine Art Gallery Y
1989 Norman Lindsay: Etchings Tri-fold stiff paper brochure for an exhibition of etchings. The Bloomfield Galleries. Two large and nine small images of 11 etchings included in the catalogue. Y
? Norman Lindsay Catalogue Odana Editions. Small size catalogue, listing the facsimile etchings for sale, posters, prints, books, paintings and sculpture reproductions for sale. Plenty of explanatory text and some historical information. Y


Year Title Contribution
? Elioth Gruner Book of colour plates by artist Elioth Gruner. Includes a foreword by Norman Lindsay Y
1932 Every Mother's Son Three-act comedy play by Floyd Dell and B. Marie Gage. Based on Redheap, using the name it was published under in the USA. It follows the plot of Redheap closely and much of the dialogue is lifted from the book. N
1946 We Were The Rats Novel about the Rats of Tobruk by Lawson Glassop. Norman LIndsay wrote a short introduction. Y

Books About Norman Lindsay

Year Title Author Notes
1969 Norman Lindsay Harry F. Chaplin Lists of Norman Lindsay's books, manuscripts and autograph letters in the library of, and annotated by Harry F. Chaplin. Foreword by Norman Lindsay. Y
1973 Portrait of Pa: Norman Lindsay at Springwood Jane Lindsay Norman Lindsay's daughter Jane's memories of her childhood at Springwood. Y
1975 Norman Lindsay: A Personal Memoir Douglas Stewart Douglas Stewart records his thirty year friendship with Norman Lindsay. Y
1978 A Lindsay Miscellany Harry F. Chaplin Contains list and notes on first editions, inscribed copies, autograph letters, manuscripts and other material associated with the lives and works of Norman, Lionel, Ruby, Philip and Mary Lindsay and other members of the family. Y
1986 Springwood May 1918 Rebecca Wiley Rebecca Wiley's visit to Norman Lindsay at Springwood. Original manuscript by Rebecca Wiley, photographs, mementos, drawings. Y
1996 Letters and Liars: Norman Lindsay and the Lindsay Family Joanna Mendelssohn A short biography of the Lindsay family, going back to the sources, including previously unavailable letters and manuscripts. Gives a history of the writing of Redheap. Springwood. Y
2001 Rose Lindsay: A Model Life Rose Lindsay Contains Rose Lindsay's two books - Ma and Pa: My Childhood Memories, and Model Wife: My Life with Norman Lindsay. Contains many photos and some sketches, drawings and illustrations. High quality Odana Editions book, edited by Lin Bloomfield. Y


Year Title Author Notes
1963 Ma And Pa: My Childhood Memories Rose Lindsay Norman Lindsay's wife's childhood memories Y
1990 Sense and Censorship: Commentaries on censorship violence in Australia Michael Pollack A chapter on Norman Lindsay's struggles with censorship. Y